Here are details about all of the puzzles I have made. Check out my Etsy page for the ones which are currently available but feel free to email me if you’d like to discuss a custom puzzle or to order one of my older designs. Newer designs will appear at the top of the page.


This puzzle is also 3D but this time without the triple thick pieces and instead with 3 separate layers connected by small anchor pegs. This allowed me to fit 300 pieces into the puzzle with only a tiny increase in the overall size compared to Desert 3D. I used similarly themed cutting designs for the sections but with the extra pieces this one is considerably more difficult!

Desert 3D

This puzzle includes pieces of different thicknesses so that the final image is in 3D! The pieces are individually painted which takes a long time but allows the cut design to really shine through. I designed each area to have a cutting design to match the subject – angular connectors in the rocks, spikes in the cacti and swirls in the sky. This is also my first puzzle to feature a signature piece which I dated so that future puzzle historians will know exactly when it was made!

Box of Donuts

This puzzle features six ring donuts in a box. The donuts will only fit in one way! This began as part of a challenge run in the Puzzle Parley group on Facebook. This could be made with multiple types of donuts to make it a bit easier, or painted on both sides if you wanted an extra difficult puzzle!

Puffin Brothers

My first puzzle using a photograph rather than painting. The cut has been designed to be interlocking with some colour line cutting. The 140 pieces have a natural flow to them more usually seen in hand-cut puzzles. Approximately 27 x 20 cm (10½ x 8 inches) I have a couple left available to purchase here.


A 10x10cm (4×4 inch) tray puzzle which contains 50 pieces in cloud shapes, raindrops, and a sun. The puzzle is hand painted on both sides to make it trickier than it appears! I still have a few of these in stock available to purchase here.


A 10x10cm (4×4 inch) tray puzzle with 60 pieces including a number of winter themed whimsies. This puzzle is painted on both sides to increase the difficulty. You can learn more about the design here.

50 Ghosts

A 10x10cm (4×4 inch) tray puzzle with 50 pieces each shaped like a little ghost! You can learn about how this was designed by clicking here.