“Impressive Cat” by Unidragon (700 pieces)

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Today I have the new Karriem Riggins Drums Play Series instrument which I’m going to be using to create music for the Impressive Cat puzzle which Unidragon kindly sent to me.

I’m happy to let Karriem take over the drums for me today which I’ll combine with the Dragon Kit from Aquarius Earth and the Catacama Kit from Indigo Dust.

This puzzle was so much fun! I was obviously expecting there to be a number of cat whimsies, but I wasn’t expecting almost every piece to be a little kitty!  The few that aren’t actual cats feature little paws, and lots of stars! There are some really interesting star connectors mixed in amongst all the toes and tails.

The colours are really vivid and with 700 pieces this was quite a challenge.  Despite taking over 7 hours I was never bored or frustrated, it was just a really joyful experience.

I was expecting to be complaining about the piece of sacking Unidragon used to use in their packaging but they seem to have finally taken the hint and replaced it with some nice branded paper.  The wooden box still doesn’t stay together very well though so I shall be popping the pieces in a bag and keeping the cardboard wrapper for storage.

TitleImpressive Cat
Completed22nd February 2023
Fun rating5 out of 5 stars (5 / 5)
Difficulty rating3 out of 5 stars (3 / 5)

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