February Cutting Challenge

During February over in the Puzzle Parley Facebook group, Janell from 3 Cat Max ran a cutting challenge. It was intended to encourage hand cutters using scroll saws to practise every day but being a rebel, I couldn’t resist joining in using my laser cutter!

Daily prompts for the challenge

Now not all of the challenges suited direct translation to laser cutting – I didn’t really feel a need to practice cutting straight lines, or triangles! However, it did encourage me to try out new things, and to practise my puzzle design which was great! 🙂

Here’s a little gallery of all the puzzles I created over the month:

I really enjoyed this challenge and feel like I learnt a lot about different interlock styles, whimsy placement, and even discovered a way to make a 3D puzzle! I love the Stokes style pieces which I’m hoping to adapt and include in an upcoming design, the box of donuts was a fun first attempt at both dropouts and a teaser style puzzle, and I absolutely adore my 3D Desert!

I’m now on the look-out for more challenges I can adapt to laser cutting as having a little nudge with inspiration every day was great! 😄

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