Sachs, Sunset, Squirrel & Fairy Tale Castle by Woodbests

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Today I have 4 puzzles which Woodbests sent me to review. For the music I combined the Inglewood Kit from DJ Khalil and the Besties Kit from The Stereotypes expansion.

The saxophone and sunset puzzles which I received first both had some issues.  Sachs had a number of pieces which weren’t cut, and the Sunset puzzle was terribly pixelated.  Which was a shame because they both had interesting cuts with nice whimsies.

I contacted Woodbests who were eager to send me replacements, but encouraged me to choose from their newer puzzles.

The squirrel was their newest animal puzzle when I chose it and is lovely.  The colours are vibrant and sharp, there are lots of lovely whimsies and the cut was interesting.  I was also pleased to see the nasty sack cloth from the older puzzles has been replaced with a fabric which doesn’t shed.  The box also closes better!

The fairy tale castle puzzle was also a fun cut with a good amount of themed whimsies.  Unfortunately this puzzle still has a little pixelation in the image.

I enjoyed these jigsaws, but if you’re ordering from them I would definitely recommend sorting by New Arrivals and sticking to the first few pages of designs.  Also, it might be better to avoid the XL size to ensure the image is sharp.

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