“Rainbow Kingdom” by Elena Essex (1000 pieces)

Today’s puzzle is “Rainbow Kingdom” by Elena Essex.

For the music I used the Rainbow Flag instrument which I paired with the Vanilla Ocean kit from the Golden Kingdom expansion.

I really enjoyed all the cute animals in this puzzle.  Certain colours were much easier to work with than others – the dark blues at the bottom were particularly challenging even in daylight.

My puzzle had some weird cracks in the print in a number of places but I spoke to Elena who very quickly confirmed it was a manufacturing defect and offered a replacement puzzle which I thought was great customer service!

If you’ve not tried one of Elena’s puzzle I definitely recommend them. The black makes them look challenging, but every single piece had some colour on it to help with placement. There was basically no puzzle dust and the pieces fit together really nicely. It only took me about 4 and a half hours to complete.

I decided to sit outside to make the stop motion video, which turned out to be a bad plan as the wind kept trying to blow my pieces away and then it started threatening to rain! It took about an hour to photograph thanks to the weather encouraging me to go quickly!

TitleRainbow Kingdom
BrandElena Essex
Completed7th June 2022
Fun rating5 out of 5 stars (5 / 5)
Difficulty rating2 out of 5 stars (2 / 5)

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