Two Exploding Kittens Puzzles (500 pieces)

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Today I have two 500 piece puzzles. “The Great Wave Off Cat-a-gawa” and “Cats Playing Craps” both by Exploding Kittens. For the music I started with the “Cat Daddy” Kit from Free Form. Then for the “Cats Playing Craps” I chose the “Gamble” Kit from Young Phantom. For the other puzzle I found the “Water” Kit in Crate Cuts.

Stick around after the time-lapse of the puzzle to see a silly stop motion video I made using them too!

These puzzles were both good fun, although the gambling kitties was rather easier as that beige background was quite hard on the other puzzle.  There are lots of fun details to discover in both images.  The wallpaper is all scratched behind the craps table, and the naughty cats have even knocked one of the pictures off the wall!  In the water there are cats going for a swim, on canoes, and lots of cats on each wave.  Though I think the little kitty sitting atop the tentacles is my favourite! Together the puzzles took me about 4 hours to solve.

The pieces, whilst not random cut, have a good amount of variation to prevent any false fits and add some interest.  Interestingly, I quickly discovered that both puzzles had been cut with the same die.  This gave me an idea for a silly stop motion video where I swap the pieces from one puzzle into the other.  The cats playing craps slowly pop in to start with, and then they get washed away by the waves of kitties.

Title“The Great Wave Off Cat-a-gawa” & “Cats Playing Craps”
BrandExploding Kittens
Completed14th July 2022
Fun rating4 out of 5 stars (4 / 5)
Difficulty rating3 out of 5 stars (3 / 5)

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